SVXLink – Parrot

The Parrot module plays back everything you say. This can either be used as a simplex repeater or to hear how you sound to other stations. It also tells you the DTMF digits you press. The latter function can be used to test if the link is correctly receiving your DTMF digits. As always, end all DTMF commands with the hash sign (#).

If you are just after the DTMF read back function you don’t have to activate the module first. Just send a command like 1<digits># (e.g. 112345#) and the digits after the leading module id will be read back.

There is a maximum recording time set. If the squelch is open for a longer time than the maximum time, the oldest audio data will be disregarded.

Exit the module by sending just the hash sign (#).

UHF Fusion Dual-mode Repeater, Located in Blandford Camp