SVXLink Node

After a number of failures with the existing EchoLink node, A new system has been implemented by Alex (M1LXM) using a Raspberry Pi running the SVXLink software. This software contains a number of modules which offer more options to the RF user. These include:

  • A simple help system module.
  • A parrot module that retransmits received audio.
  • An EchoLink module used to connect to other EchoLink nodes.
  • A METAR information module to provide local airport weather.

The SVXLink system will identify itself in a female computerised voice every quarter of an hour. On the hour, it will also announce the time in the 24hr clock. You can check to see if the system is online by sending a DTMF star * and the system will respond with its status and the time.

All of the modules are activated by DTMF codes. Only one module can be active at any one time!

Help – 0#

Parrot – 1#

EchoLink – 2#

METAR Information – 4#

Each command must be ended with a hash sign (#) as above. To exit the module send a hash sign. For more information on any of the modules, click the relevant link above.

There are a number of macros available to make the system easier to use. These all start the a DTMF “D”. These are as follows:

  • D20# – Activate EchoLink and connect to EchoTest server (9999#)
  • D21# – Activate EchoLink and connect to GB3NC repeater, St Austell Cornwall (282184)
  • D22# – Activate EchoLink and connect to GB3SD repeater, Weymouth Dorset (112689)
  • D23# – Activate EchoLink and connect to GB3IW repeater, Isle of Wight Hampshire (401932)

UHF Fusion Dual-mode Repeater, Located in Blandford Camp