SVXLink – EchoLink

EchoLink allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet.  The system allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computers to stations.

GB3DT can be accessed locally via RF or by linking in through EchoLink. The node number for GB3DT-R is 364539 and EchoLink is enabled for 24/7 access.

ModuleEchoLink works as any other EchoLink node in the network. To connect to another station, just send the node number ended with a hash sign (#). To disconnect the last connected station, send just the hash sign. To exit the module, send a hash sign when not connected to another station.

To get more information on the EchoLink system, have a look at the EchoLink homepage.


There are a couple of subcommands that can be used once ModuleEchoLink has been activated (2#). Don’t forget to send a hash (#) after each command.

  • 0 – Play the help message
  • 1 – List all connected stations
  • 2 – Play local EchoLink node id
  • 31 – Connect to a random link or repeater
  • 32 – Connect to a random conference
  • 4 – Reconnect to the last disconnected station
  • 50 – Deactivate listen only mode
  • 51 – Activate listen only mode
  • 6* – Use the connect by callsign feature (below)

Command 2 may also be activated even if the EchoLink module is not active. Just send 22#, and the node id will be read back.

Connect by callsign

The “connect by callsign” feature makes it possible to connect to a station even if the EchoLink node number is not known. Callsigns are mapped to digits as on a telephone keypad. Letters are mapped to its corresponding digit and digits are of course mapped to their corresponding number. All other characters are mapped to digit 1.

500px Mobile phone keyboard.svg

A search command starts with six star (6*) and then the callsign code is entered. So if you want to connect to GB3IW-R you should enter “6*4234917#“. Since the codes are not unique a list of search hits will be presented to the user to choose from. If the entered code ends with star, a wildcard search will be performed. So if you want to search for all stations starting with GB3 you enter “6*423*#“.

To exit the module transmit a single hash (#) when no EchoLink users are connected. If a user is connected, a hash will disconnect that user! The module will automatically deactivate after 60 seconds of not being used.

UHF Fusion Dual-mode Repeater, Located in Blandford Camp