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GB3DT is now running an SVXLink node. This has taken over the responsibility of connecting to EchoLink from the previous computer.

This has been installed by Alex (M1LXM) over the last 2 days. Information on the system and instructions on how to use it are available on the SVXLink page.

The photo below shows the Raspberry Pi connected to a USB Hub, USB Soundcard and GPIO breakout board (with TX LED!).

Please let us know your comments as the system settles in!

Major Upgrade to GB3DT

G0ZEP removing the MOULD repeater equipment – 10 Mar 16

The GB3DT repeater has been upgraded to a Yaesu System Fusion repeater (DR-1X) to replace the MOULD system that was previously in operation. This has been initially purchased by Joe (2E0OEM), Alex (M1LXM) and Rich (G0ZEP) with the hope that the long suffering noise problem from being ‘secondary users’ on the tower, would be significantly reduced.

At the same time as upgrading the repeater, a battery backup was installed to enable the repeater to continue to operate should the mains power fluctuate or be disrupted. This is provided by a 13.5V, 35A mains powered power supply connected in parallel with the repeater and a 12V 65AH AGM Battery. This has been tested and will keep the repeater operating for at least 12 hours without mains power. Following the upgrade, the existing filters were also adjusted to reduce CTCSS noise from weak signals but further work may be carried out over the coming few weeks as required.

GB3DT installed with Battery backup but in need of a little housekeeping! – 10 Mar 16

Initial reports have been very positive following the upgrade and the repeater team would be grateful of any feedback over the air or by e-mail.

Dual Mode NOV Received

Rich (G0ZEP), in his new role as Repeater Keeper, has successfully applied for a Fusion dual-mode NOV for GB3DT which has just arrived. A Yaesu DR-1X repeater will shortly be on order with Rich, Joe (2E0OEM) and Alex (M1LXM) splitting the cost equally. Hopefully the new repeater will be installed in the tower early in March.

Farewell to Tim G8BXQ

Tim (G8BXQ) has decided to call time on Keepers duties and put in an NOV application on the 26 Jan 2016 to transfer keeper responsibility to Rich (G0ZEP). A new NOV was subsequently issued on the 12 Feb 16. Those involved with the running of GB3DT would like to thank Tim for his continued hard work and dedication to GB3DT over the years.

The repeater has operated without incident since all the work was carried out on GB3DT during the summer of 2013, however the interference problem is still continuing to cause annoyance and consternation to those stations monitoring the repeater all day.  Unfortunately as a ‘lodger unit’ we are not really able to do anything about it the interference as its caused by the ‘Primary User’. The only real effect on DT is to hold open the squelch and thanks to ‘capture effect’ even the weakest of signals can usually get over the top.  However, the ultimate plan is to make GB3DT CTCSS only and this will hopefully sort out the problem once and for all.