Updates to SVXLink

The SVXLink node has received another update. The main reason for this update is to eliminate the use of VOX on the node. This was especially evident when going from RF to Echolink. It should no longer send “pips” and de-key over Echolink when a station on RF paused for thought. The RF link is now running on a Baofeng UV5R which is able to provide a COS signal without too much deconstruction instead of the original SMC radio. The software has also had minor changes to change the way numbers are spoken in MetarInfo reports.

The new control board, made by M1LXM, has a number of LEDs to indicate the node’s current status. It is also more resilient to accidental disconnection as connections are now soldered instead of being on a breadboard.

As always, please let us know of any feedback.

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