Major Upgrade to GB3DT

G0ZEP removing the MOULD repeater equipment – 10 Mar 16

The GB3DT repeater has been upgraded to a Yaesu System Fusion repeater (DR-1X) to replace the MOULD system that was previously in operation. This has been initially purchased by Joe (2E0OEM), Alex (M1LXM) and Rich (G0ZEP) with the hope that the long suffering noise problem from being ‘secondary users’ on the tower, would be significantly reduced.

At the same time as upgrading the repeater, a battery backup was installed to enable the repeater to continue to operate should the mains power fluctuate or be disrupted. This is provided by a 13.5V, 35A mains powered power supply connected in parallel with the repeater and a 12V 65AH AGM Battery. This has been tested and will keep the repeater operating for at least 12 hours without mains power. Following the upgrade, the existing filters were also adjusted to reduce CTCSS noise from weak signals but further work may be carried out over the coming few weeks as required.

GB3DT installed with Battery backup but in need of a little housekeeping! – 10 Mar 16

Initial reports have been very positive following the upgrade and the repeater team would be grateful of any feedback over the air or by e-mail.

6 thoughts on “Major Upgrade to GB3DT”

  1. Your new repeater is a much better signal now at BH24 3NQ postcode. 50.884130 N 1.769400 W.
    Improved sensitivity allows access with 1 watt from my trust Motorola DP3401 handy. Digital voice input is usually clearer than FM.

  2. Hello Gentlemen/Ladies,
    Just worked through DT, by chance ( a little lift conditions here ) & copy was S5-6 R7 really nice audio. I am very fortunate to be able to hear/access 33 different 2m/70cm repeaters from my Swansea QTH at 500′ asl with a 360 ‘take off’. I will have to programme my rig with your repeater now ! Well done to all in purchasing a Fusion unit, it sounds very good. I have a Yaesu FT2DE/DR here. I might use it for DT but it only runs 5W. I will definitely call again soon. Thank you for much personal effort in supporting this repeater. Best wishes to Tim G8BXQ if he is local to you now.

    1. Hi Philip and thanks for your comment and the info. I was on the M27 yesterday when I heard you chatting to Alan G7MYI and was amazed by how strong your signal was. Tim G8BXQ retired a few years ago but we still keep in touch and I will pass on your best wishes. Both Alex M1LXM and myself monitor GB3DT most days so its always worth a go if you can hear the repeater. Rich G0ZEP

  3. I will be up on the tower on Sat 22nd to have another go at reducing the interference currently being experienced by both DT and CM. All signal reports gratefully received. Fingers crossed for fine weather and a low wind speed!

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